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Tizzel Tazzel is a development of the basic idea of the classical Pom-Pom stick but a lot more.
You show a very beautiful gold or silver colored stick (length 60cm) with three big tassels hanging in three white strings with a small bead on top.
You show that the three tassels and strings are absolutely free with no connections between each other by pulling them up and sown.
Pull one of the red tassels and the green one goes up, pull the green and one of the red ones goes up or down, this is the old Pom Pom effect.
But now you pull one of the outer tassels and the other outer tassel moves with the middle tassel still in between.
A miracle! But there is more...
You can separate the stick in three parts showing the audience that there is no connection whatsoever!
You can easily remove the tassels and replace them with your own characters.

Egen Tillverkning

Egen tillverkning sedan 1910
Hög kvalitét
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