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Borrow a bill from a spectator and ask him to write his signature on it.
Show two cylinders and two glasses and if you like let the spectator examine them.
One glass is placed upside down on the table.
The spectator puts by himself the signed bill in the other glass together with a small silk and a rubber band.

Now it starts, one cylinder is placed over the first glass which is upside down on the table.
A regular plate is placed over this cylinder to cover it.
Now the glass with the dollar bill, silk and rubber band is placed on the plate and covered by the second cylinder.
Before you have time to say PRESTO BILL!

You lift the top cylinder - only toshow that the glass on the plate is EMPTY!
The plate is lifted slowly from the bottom cylinder so that everybody can see the upside down glass.
It seems impossible but inside the glass is the borowed bill and yes, it is the same bill!

But not only that.

The silk is tightly covering the opening of the glass, kept in place by the rubber band!
Perfect for stage, parlor and close up.

Egen Tillverkning

Egen tillverkning sedan 1910
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