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You show an empty gleamin nickel plated brasstube and two lids.
Put up a beatiful parasol and show it to the audience.
Fold it and put the parasol in the tube.
Put the top lid on.
Here is great to have someone from the audience to help you, adult or child.
Ask the spectator to hold your Change Bag (this is not included in the trick)
Show six different coloured silks ans ask another spectator to help you count them and put them in the changebag.

Take out the parasol from the tube,( you can let another person help you hold the tube) open it to show  the cover is gone and there are six silks  hanging from each rib!
Put the other lid on and show the tube empty again!
Now check the Change Bag - the silks are gone and instead you find the parasol cover!

Comes complete with parasol, tube, lids, parasol cover and different coloured silks.

The parasol is 65cm made in nickel plated brass, no plastic parts.
It is made for professional magicians to be used over and over again.

Egen Tillverkning

Egen tillverkning sedan 1910
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