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A beautiful race course with three tracks in different bright colors is shown, three horses and a dekc of cards with large dots.

You ask two members of your audience to choose any two horses.
The third one is yours.
Place the horse on the starting line and the fun begins.
The spectator shuffles the deck an is never touched by you after that.
The starting gun is fired (not included) and they´re off!
The spectator now deals one card at the time face up on the table.
The racehorse that matches the color dot ont the face up card moes one step towards the finish line.
For a while it looks as if one spectator is going to win.

But wait; Magician´s horse wins the race!
HORSE RACE is fun, fast and extremely entertaining, perfect for close-up.
The effect can be repeated if you wish.
No matter which horse you end up with, no matter how may times they shuffle the cards; you will always be the winner!
Only one deck of cards is used and everything can be examined before and after the race.
The spectators have free choice at all times and handle the cards.
Absolutely self-working and no forces whatsoever!
Complete with the race course, horses, deck of cards and routine.

Egen Tillverkning

Egen tillverkning sedan 1910
Hög kvalitét
Fina effekter